Ms. Caldwell's School Supply List

Caldwell’s School Supplies List 2017-2018


Our school is blessed to receive donations every year from various sources. These donations provide more than enough in the way of glue, crayons, scissors, and other basic supplies for my classroom. I only have a few essential supplies that I require parents to provide:


1              Backpack (regular size)

2              Boxes of Tissues

1              Package of Disinfectant Wipes

1              Can of Disinfectant Spray

1              Roll of Paper Towels

1              Box of “Ziploc” bags (quart or gallon size)


Your student also needs the following things to help with daily needs:

+  Diapers/Pullups & baby wipes. If your child uses diapers / pull-ups, please send them. You may send them daily in the backpack (at least 2 per day) or send a pack to leave at school. Please send at least one wipes   

     package/container as well.

+  Extra clothes. We need a shirt and pants/skirt left at school in case of accidents; if your child is potty-trained, please send a pair of underwear to leave as well.

+  Special Diet/Feeding. If your child has a special diet or uses a certain cup, utensils, etc., these will need to be sent daily to be used at school.


These supplies are NOT ESSENTIAL; they are things that we ask parents to send for everyone to use throughout the year.


+  Snacks (ex. Popcorn, animal crackers, graham crackers, dry cereal, etc.)

+  Art supplies (ex. Stickers, foam sheets, glitter, googly eyes, feathers, etc.)


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