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Finding the Best Fit: Distance Learning vs Tulsa Virtual Academy

For the 2020-2021 school year, families will choose whether they want to adjust with Tulsa Public Schools or register for Tulsa Virtual Academy.

Families who want their students to return to in-person learning as soon as it is possible can choose to stay with their school, and we will adjust our mode of learning together based on safety. Families who choose this option might end up in distance learning, staggered attendance, or in-person instruction throughout the school year, with at least the first nine weeks in distance learning.

Families who want the certainty of knowing that their student will be in virtual regardless of what mode the rest of Tulsa Public Schools is using can register with Tulsa Virtual Academy. This option will be 100% virtual with the opportunity to switch back to their home school at the end of the semester or continue virtual for the rest of the year. Students who register for Tulsa Virtual Academy will not lose their place at their home school.

Tulsa Virtual Academy is recommended for families with an immunocompromised person in their household, whether that be the student or another family member. Adjust with Tulsa Public Schools is recommended for secondary students who want the opportunity to participate in OSSAA activities. Students registered in the virtual academy will not be eligible to compete in these activities, which include athletics, band, speech and debate, Academic Bowl, and orchestra. If your student needs a distance learning experience but wishes to retain their eligibility, you should keep them enrolled in their current school. Your child’s counselor and coaches will support you with creating a distance learning program that keeps them involved in these activities.

In Tulsa Virtual Academy, students will be more self-paced, especially on a secondary level. Students will have the flexibility to complete weekly assignments on a schedule that works best for them and their family. These students will have a more personalized learning plan that allows for more self-direction, targeted tutoring, and acceleration. For secondary students, teachers will serve in an advisory role with time carved out for supporting students who need support staying on pace or accessing content. Elementary Virtual students will have more live meetings with Virtual Academy teachers and peers than secondary students.

In distance learning, students will have a clear schedule and will stay on pace with the class as a whole. The school day will be fully programmed but not all the work will be on the computer.

Students in both distance learning and Tulsa Virtual Academy will have access to specials and electives, including music, fine arts, and physical education. Both options are available to all students, from pre-K to 12th grade.

All Tulsa Public Schools students will return to learning on Monday, Aug. 31. Whether that be in distance learning or Tulsa Virtual Academy, all families need to visit and fill out the Back to School Registration form to let us know if your child has access to a working district laptop and access to the internet. You can also use this form to register for Tulsa Virtual Academy if you feel it is the right fit for your child. Registration closes on August 10, 2020. Instructions for filling out the form can be found here.

For more information about the different modes of learning, check out the table below.